Image of Stephanie Asavale, branding photographer for San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York.

Steph Asavale

New york city photographer with a detailed eye

Welcome! I got into this career because in addition to my love of photography, I’m passionate about helping people and their businesses flourish. The opportunity to connect with new friends and showcase their vision through imagery is what drives me. I can’t wait to collaborate with you!



Bachelorette nights and basketball games

I'm a mix between girly and tomboy. I love sports and sci-fi / action movies, but I also love makeup and Bachelor viewing parties with my girlfriends. I can dress it up, but my go-to fashion staple is a simple tee shirt and jeans. 

Coast to Coast

Born and raised in North Carolina, I couldn’t wait to explore other places and cultures once I was finished with school. To complete my photography degree, I ventured to California for an internship and stayed for a decade - 7 years in LA and 3 years in The Bay. In March 2019 my husband and I began a new adventure with a move to NYC! Looking forward to all the inspiration and growth that will come from this exciting change in scenery and culture!

I'm an ambivert

The "are you an introvert or extrovert" question used to drive me crazy. I was happy to discover that ambiverts are people who fall right in the middle of the two! 


I'm a passionate traveler and adventurer

There is so much to see, and everywhere I go, I have my camera ready! I've been to almost all of the 50 United States, as well as several places in the Caribbean and a few countries in Europe. Italy and India are next on the list of places to visit!

Eiffel tower in springtime with blooming trees and flowers in foreground and blue sky with white clouds behind.

Stephanie is AMAZING! She makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera from the first moment she starts shooting. She captures the real you and the essence of your brand. Never have I had a photographer so easily capture exactly what I was looking for.
— Chelsea F.

Steph Asavale, photographing mother and small business owner photographer with her son for a branding session, in Morgan Hill, California.

A LITTLE BIT MORE ABOUT Steph Asavale Photography...


I love working with ...

Small businesses and small companies are my favorite to work with! Whether it’s product or service-based businesses, tech companies or sweet treats, a marketing firm or beauty salon, a real estate agency or social media influencers, the more variety, the more inspired I am in the challenge of creating custom images to showcase your brand.

I love taking photos all over the world

Steph Asavale Photography is based in Jersey City, NJ and serves the NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay, and Greensboro, NC Area markets with their branding photography needs. That being said, my camera and I love to travel. Want me in your city? Let me know!


How to reach me

The best way to reach me is to fill out my contact form! That way if you’re ready to book we can get you through the process as quickly as possible. And if you have questions we can schedule a time to chat that is convenient for both of us!

That said, if you’re looking for a quick answer you can check out my FAQs page, shoot over an email, or give me a call!

What it's like to work with a branding photographer?

The ultimate goal of brand photography is to make sure that your brand is translated perfectly through the lens of my camera. In addition to having your vision in mind, helping you feel comfortable throughout our session is my top priority. We want your photos to tell the story of your brand, so we need the real you to shine through!

Read the FAQs to find out even more.